Homestead Binder (69 Pages)

Homestead Binder (69 Pages)

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Are you dreaming of starting a homestead but not sure where to start? I've been a homesteader most of my life. I know how to buy land cheap, where to look for it and what skills you need to learn to be successful. 

I've included some of those in this homestead printable binder in the form of checklists. I've made goals for the first year and so much more.

Homestead Binder (69 Pages)

Title: Homestead Printable Binder

(69 Pages) Homestead Binder

You'll receive:

This 69-page Printable Homestead Binder, includes Homestead binder cover, planning pages and more including:

  • Cover
  • Belongs To
  • Yearly Goals
  • 12 Monthly Planning
  • Homestead First Year Goals Cover
  • Homestead Why Start One
  • Homestead goals
  • Homestead First Year Goals
  • Easy Homestead Skills To Learn
  • Homestead First Year Goals Checklist
  • Homestead Wish List
  • Homestead Notes
  • Homestead Skills To Learn Cover
  • Homestead Skills To Learn checklist
  • Homestead Skills To Learn Notes Sheet
  • Homestead Land Cover
  • Homestead Buying Land Checklist
  • Homestead Land Checklist Blank
  • Homestead Land Buying Notes
  • Homestead Chickens Cover
  • Homestead Chicken Lined
  • Monthly Egg Collection
  • Annual Egg Collection
  • Homestead Income & Expense Cover
  • Homestead Expense
  • Homestead Income
  • Work At Home Ideas Cover
  • Homestead Money Making Ideas Lined
  • Work At Home Ides For Homesteaders Lined
  • Homestead Farmers Market Cover
  • Farmers Market Event Planner
  • Farmers Market To Do List
  • Farmers Market Inventory Checklist
  • Farmers Market Sales
  • Pantry Cover
  • Pantry Inventory Lined
  • Refrigerator Inventory Lined
  • Freezer Inventory Lined
  • Long Term Storage Inventory Lined
  • Homestead Food Preserve Challenge
  • Food Preserving Planner Lined
  • Food Preserve Challenge Checklist
  • Food Preserve Challenge Recipes
  • Preserves Notes
  • Homestead Notes Cover
  • Weekly Chores Sheet
  • Homestead Project Planner
  • Garden Tool Wish List
  • Plants Wish List
  • Homestead Garden Planner
  • Homestead Harvest Sheet
  • Seeds On Hand Lined
  • Cute Notes Lined
  • Lined Notes Sheets

Size of Journal 8 1/2 x 11

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